Mr. Bartley’s Burgers (YUM!)

I recently traveled with my entire immediate family to Cambridge, MA for my sister’s graduation from grad school at Harvard.  While our time there was limited, we definitely crammed in some excellent meals and quality family time.

The burger and sweet potato fries I split with my Sister

The burger and sweet potato fries I split with my sister

Lunch at Bartley’s was possibly my favorite meal of the trip, perhaps ever.  I am a sucker for a really delicious, succulent burger and this restaurant has burgers down to an art form.

The restaurant itself was pretty amazing as well.  The walls inside were plastered with old advertisements and posters from past political campaigns, rock bands, etc.  The chairs and tables are scrunched together for an intimate and slightly claustrophobic feel.  The fact that the place was packed when we went to lunch at 2pm on a weekday proves the deliciousness.


Dad's burger. Awesome onion rings.

I would definitely recommend the restaurant to anyone visiting Harvard or the Boston area.  Be sure to check out the list of celebrities that have eaten there during your visit as well!  Check them out here:


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