BFF B’day Bash

The weekend before last happened to be my local BFF’s b’day as well as a fun event night downtown.  As I mentioned in a previous post, we spent last Saturday out to dinner at one of her favorite restaurants, followed by an outdoor concert and sidewalk chalk in the blocked off street, and finished the night off with some light bar hopping.

The night was the epitome of why I love summer nights in the South.  We spent entire evening on patios, the drinks were plentiful and everyone we encountered was in great, friendly mood… it just made me smile.

Here are a few pics from the eventful evening:

Picture 301

The alley of the restaurant where we had dinner

Picture 312

The funky flags that were used to block off traffic from the street

Picture 313

E's delicious gin and tonic with cucumbers that I bought for her to celebrate with!

Happy B’day again, E! I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!


One response to this post.

  1. I need to try that gin and tonic drink u had. It looked good.

    >>>Rebecca Rose


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