Just what we’ve all been looking for!

Just what everyone needs when they shower in the morning! A bar of soap shaped like an Xbox controller and with the scent of Mountain Dew!

bizarro world!

bizarro world!

Now, I have to tell you that I love Mountain Dew.  It is the only thing I drink besides water (smart choice to pick MD, eh?) and alcoholic drinks.  I do limit myself to one a day.  So in searching for some information about a new type of Mountain Dew I accidentally picked up at the store I came across this jewel.

The idea of Xbox shaped Mountain Dew scented soap is tres bizarre and hilarious to me, but I bet there is a niche out there for it.  Crazy teenage boys who are buying this….  you should consider investing in some new hobbies.
And here is the etsy store if you are interested in purchasing some of this fabulous washing agent to help YOU get going in the morning!

(If you don’t decide that is tooooo fabulous to use, once you have purchased it and have it in your sweaty little hands!)

Happy Friday muffins!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Thats a cool soap.

    About mountain dew, I dont drink it coz I had a terrible experience with it when I was in High School and up to now I couldnt forget about it. 😦

    Happy weekend.



  2. LOL, that cracks me up. It would be even more funny if the soap had caffeine in it that somehow got absorbed into the skin so when you washed you would get a rush too!


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