Nature’s Art

We had a giant storm this morning and it was so lovely to be curled up indoors with my breakfast and book while the rain emptied out of the clouds, the lightning zapped and thunder crashed so loudly the windows shook.  I know some people are afraid of storms, but I think they are beautiful (as long as I am wrapped up safely indoors.)  One of my favorite places to be is at the beach when a storm rolls in.  If you have large glass windows to be able to look out on the steel gray ocean, the surf and see lightning strike on the open sea… well, you are lucky.

Here are a few really gorgeous pictures that show the beauty in storms:







Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!


4 responses to this post.

  1. Those are beautiful but scary at the same time if U are alone. Im not scared about it but Im just super worried about our home. Dont want the roof to blow off while Hubby is not here coz I will really freak out.

    >>> Rebecca Rose


  2. i just love a good storm, i especially like laying in bed when it’s storming (that hasn’t happened in quite some time!)


  3. Wow, those pictures are incredible. I was walking along the beach once when there was a lightening storm in the distance over the water. It was amazing!


  4. These are amazing…. Love’em. Except thunderstorms scare me…. haha


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