First Day Of School

So today was my first day of REAL work at my job at the Middle School. Although I have been in workshops and workdays and all that jazz for almost 2 weeks, today was the day that the kids finally came. HOORAY! I thought everything went really well and I am loving the kids I am teaching so far.

This morning and last night definitely brought back memories of my first days in middle school as a student as I picked out what I would wear. Stylish, yet appropriate. I think you have a little more of a challenge pulling that off as a teacher, but hopefully I did ok! (I will also add I have to leave the house by 6am to be at work on time, BLAH!)

Here is my First Day of School look:

Pretending to be happy at 5:45

Pretending to be happy at 5:45 am

Picture 440

Blouse, Banana Rep. Skirt, Talbots (appropriate for school!). Shoes, from Rack Room.

Now only 179 days of outfits left to figure out!!


6 responses to this post.

  1. cute outfit, definitely appropriate for school! Gosh, I don’t ever want to relive my middle school days. For some reason it was like everyone was always so mean to each other and walking around with a perma-case of PMS. (even the boys!) It must be that age.


  2. Cute and simple outfit.

    >>> Rebecca Rose


  3. hot for teacher! woop woop! hehe…you look very cute.


  4. Love the outfit!

    You must be the cute teacher at school!


  5. I love your First Day outfit! It is all very chic but professional. Perfect!! šŸ™‚


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