my daaaay…

I started my day with a lovely 8 hours with 7th graders. There was some note passing, some bad attitudes and loads of awkwardness… you know, the usual middle school stuff.

I then drove to Charlotte to pick up my engagement ring from being resized. I missed it let me tell you.

Yessssss... I fall over when I wear it. (Clearly NOT my ring.)

Then went to the mall and shopped at all my faves. I mean, I need new school clothes right? I don’t want my middle schoolers to think I am fashion challenged. My mom enjoyed laughing at me as I tried to find shoes that I could stand in for 4 hours straight and that were still cute. Ummm. I bought Aerosoles. AAAAAAAAAAAAND, moving on to other subjects.

On the way home we picked up Taco Bell and are now eating it and watching the Project Runway episode from last week… because I watch it a week later because my life is totally awesome and I am so cool that I go to bed before the current week is over.

In summary… my life is sweet! (Yes, that contained both sincerity and sarcasm.)

And tomorrow is the weeeeekend!


3 responses to this post.

  1. i think i would fall over if i had a diamond that big! holy bejeezus!!! way to go on the aerosoles. i’ve seen some cute shoes from them and they are way comfy.


  2. Hahahahah, I totally thought that was your ring!!! I would’ve died right here in front of the computer…. 😀 You are SO funny!


  3. Dude, that ring. I was about to ask how you held your hand up. Ah ha


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