weekend recap

Luckily, J came back to town this wknd to see me, rather than having to drive down there. Friday night was relaxing, we went and got Mexican with friends and hung out with his parents for awhile.

Saturday was definitely the highlight of my weekend though. We had an all day and night date event…. goosh. For lunch we went to our favorite bar and and watched football while we had lunch. (Yay for Wake Forest pulling the game out!) I had a bacon cheeseburger with a side of bacon cheese fries. Hope J likes me chunky, cause I am on my way.

Then he had homework so I just got to relax on the couch and read while he did his work. Ahh… end of summer afternoons on the screened in porch with the fan blowing. (I ended up doing equal amounts of reading and napping.) I was able to finish Water For Elephants though, which I would highly recommend if you haven’t ever read it.

Two thumbs up from this girl

Two thumbs up from this girl

We then went to District 9, which I didn’t hate but I didn’t love. The movie got great reviews, but I just am not that into gross looking aliens. (This was clearly J’s pick.) Also, movies like this filmed in a faux documentary style tend to give me a bit of motion sickness. We all know you aren’t really using handheld cameras and that this never happened, Mr. Director. I was surprised by how touching I found the relationship between an alien and his son as well as the relationship between the main character and his wife. Way to go District 9, you made a gross movie hater like me say something nice about you!

it makes you all squishy inside.  sike.

it makes you all squishy inside. sike.

The rest of the weekend involved food… J and I went to Mellow Mushroom after the movie to chow down on pizza (they are all over the Southeast and each Mellow Mushroom is a little different, so you should go to one if you ever get the chance!) Today we followed up the food fest of the day before by going to Maggiano’s to enjoy a family style meal and to celebrate my grandmother’s 77th bday.

I am now feeling (and probably looking) something like this:

What were the highlights of your weekend?  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!!!


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  1. holy bacon lover! sounds like you had a very good and scrumptious weekend.


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