wedding wednesday

So now that we have nailed down our venue (J gave it the a-ok, 100% thumbs up!), the idea that I am getting married next summer is starting to seem more and more real to me.   Thus far, the only planning I have done is for my save-the-dates, which I am super excited about.  (I have to confess though, I stole the idea from a friend with her permission, so I can’t really even take credit for being on top of that.)

I have, however, settled on what I think our colors will be.  I have known for a long time that I wanted to do a light green and cream color and that I wanted to do some additional accent.  You know, so it would look all schnazzy and whatnot.  I finally decided on purple because it was my grandmother’s favorite color and I wanted to do something to honor her.

AND THEN… I noticed these colors everywhere this summer for weddings I went to.  AHHH! These thieves were stealing my ideas!  Oh well, I guess I am just a sheep following the wedding herd.  Bahhhh….

Here is the bouquet I am using as inspiration for an uninspired bride:

ooooh (maybe a little more green maybe different shades, but hey, its a start right?!)

ooooh (maybe a little more green maybe different shades, but hey, its a start right?!)

So what are your favorite colors for a wedding? What do you think of these for a July wedding?

And unrelatedly, how is hump day going for you? We’re more than halfway to the weekend!


4 responses to this post.

  1. those are colors are very popular for spring and summer but they are pretty. me? i’d probably do something unexpected with black of course. i like a little bit of a punch so the brighter the better.


  2. I really wanted to use anemones for my wedding, but they weren’t in season. I think that’s a lovely bouquet!


  3. I love these colors for a summer wedding. I am doing navy and green for an October wedding!


  4. […] of the decisions I stressed over and second guessed myself on was color choices.  I finally decided on sage green (because I love it) with  an array of purples (in memory of my Granny).  Looking below […]


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