good things are on their way

Driving home from work today, I had the windows down to enjoy the crisp air of autumn.  Ahhh… so beautiful!  Leaves are starting to turn and the sky is that perfect color of blue, humidity is low and it feels absolutely amazing.  For some reason fall creates this amazing feeling of anticipation for me.  Does this happen to anyone else?

With the approach of fall I also know that colder, darker winter days are coming.  Which is not necessarily good.  But having lovely cozy coats to wear in this weather is good. Great even!  Which is why I can feel happy about winter coming (for now).  I am sure by mid-December I will look back at this statement and think, “What drugs were you on!?!”

As I prepare for winter, I have a new coat on its way to meet me.  (I just reread that sentence and I sound like an animal getting ready to hibernate or something.)



Anywho, I am currently tracking its progress down in the East Coast… it stopped in NJ, is now somewhere in MD or VA and will soon be in my grabby little hands. mwhahah! (the laugh was only slightly maniacal, I swear!)
What happy little things are helping you make it through ’til Friday?


One response to this post.

  1. hahah! you are tracking (stalking?) your new coat like i do with my new purchases. when? when? WHEN WILL IT GET HERE?!?!? hahahahaha. i hope it arrives soon and that it is perfect!

    i am TRYING not to shop, but it is hard. i have a folder full of clippings of things i want to buy. it is about 2 inches thick. eke.


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