funky tonight!

Well yesterday I was feeling really sick…. had people over for dinner and sturggled through trying to be a good host and ended up just staying last night.  However, after sleeping 10 hours I feel much better now, because today involved tailgating and a wedding! woohoo! My friend that we had a shower for a last week is getting married today and luckily the weather is Perfect for gorgeous outdoor fall wedding.

Here is a little treat in the form of one of my favorite bands, and favorite songs all time.  This Australian band only played  a couple of US dates last year and the closest was about 1000 miles awhile, so I was very dissappointed this past summer, but hopefully I will get to see this guitar playing genius in the next year.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and you should all get funky tonight!!

Ps.  There are better live versions of this video that showcase Mr. Butler’s guitar playing ability, but I figured no one wanted to watch a 7 minute video


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  1. Tailgating and a wedding is my kinda day! Both are perfect occasions for a cocktail. Ah ha


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