time is on my side

I have been thinking about getting a new watch for awhile , but haven’t found one that I loved yet… It’s hard to beat my lame-o watch I have had for years and years.  (Literally, for 13 or 14 years.)  But perhaps anything I was wearing in highschool should go…

This little beauty almost has me convinced that it really is time to invest in a new timepiece (haha.)

Spring Garden Charm Wrap Watch by La Mer Collections

Spring Garden Charm Wrap Watch by La Mer Collections

I love anything grey and this buttery looking leather is wonderful.  And aren’t the leaves so beautiful?  The interest added by it being double wrap is just another perfect detail.  I just think its lovely… check it out at www.tobi.com.

Ps.  I hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend! Boo for wet, cold Mondays.


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  1. oh that watch is great! …very Hermes! ..Red Monkey Designs makes a similar one too ..or used too. I have one …and actually almost wore it today but I couldn’t find it. I love this one with the charms!


  2. […] I posted about La Mer watches awhile back and and I still think they are absolutely gorgeous.  They are the perfect balance of feminine and delicate with edgy and cool.  I especially like the triple banded watches.  As a bonus, ideeli has a sale on La Mer this week – if you think they would be a great gift for someone in your life, jump on that awesome deal! […]


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