Watch out, J!

J and I have never spent Halloween together, despite the fact that we have been together for over three years.  I am hoping to change that this year.  I am a little worried (because of his heavy school load with grad school)  that he will not be able to come in town on the spookiest weekend of the year, but I really,  really tremendously hope so.  I am not thrilled with the prospect of spending Halloween in the town where he now lives, which is known for its trashy undergrad costume and debauchery display on Halloween, especially since my friends have the most awesome Halloween party ever in our hometown!! (They had a haunted maze in the basement last year which took me 30 minutes to find my way out of.)

Anywho, I have been looking for costume ideas for the two of us, since I am hoping we’ll get to spend Halloween together… little does he know what he is in for…



Just kidding.  I don’t think I could feel quite as passionately about someone that had looked like Jabba at any point in their life.  Also my body does NOT look like that – its sooooo not that shiny.  Ha.  

For realsies though, does anyone have any great DIY couple costume ideas?


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  1. wow! that is quite a halloween couple there. hahahahah

    i have no great costume ideas. but i do have an idea for a killer party. but that is not what you need.


    if i think of anything i will let you know!

    maybe michael jackson and bubbles?


  2. that’s hilarious!!! we never really do themed costumes…I can’t wait to hear what you decide on!


  3. HMMM, I’m not sure of a good couples costume, but last year B was a disco king and I was a GoGo/disco girl which was kind of fun. They are both pretty easy costumes, all you’d really need are some mod/super colorful clothing and white boots for the girl!


  4. Posted by Sare-bear on October 7, 2009 at 1:06 am

    you should be ernie and jason should be bert. make sure he let’s the eyebrows roam free and it’ll be perfect.. mad you’re not coming to raleigh tho.


  5. that is hilarious!!! you should DO IT!!! hahahahaha!

    i have zero ideas for couple costumes…try movie characters. those are always fun.


  6. Omg, I love this! Even if I could pull off the gold bikini (which I can’t), I would have to drink about 2 bottle of wine before walking around in public in it.


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