winetastic wedding

Well I wasn’t sure what I was going to post about today, but then I received a fabulous email from my friend C.

Usually I am the person totally obsessed with taking picture at all of our group social events, but somehow, in a disastrous and irresponsible move, I forgot my camera for my friends wedding this past weekend.  Luckily, C brought her camera along and captured the magic (and wee bits of debauchery) of the evening.

I will also say these are only some of the pictures she sent me and when I opened the mail and saw these, I laughed hysterically.  This worked out well, what with it being wedding wednesday and all.  oh and me being a dork and all.

Awwww…. look how cute we are. I love when J has to dress up for events like weddings (sorry J!)


Awww look how cute we were at the beginning of the night.  Yay for excuses to dress up (and that J must dress up for!)

We looked so good we thought that we should show off our style on the dance floor… you can tell J is impressed with my skills, they make him smile (or laugh at my hysterically):


We thought we should model exactly how we break it down for all of the people jealous of our insane talent.  Also this was later in the night and MORE WINE had been had.  Also I don’t know what the heck I was thinking with THAT face.  Probably dreaming up ways to steal J’s dancing thunder:


And just a little taste of the post wedding celebration.  Oh weekend:



2 responses to this post.

  1. How cute are you two? So cute! Love the dress. : )


  2. Oh my gosh. These pics are so cute, and so funny!


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