so it’s only monday, but….

On Friday I am going to the mountains with three of my besties.  I have a couple groups of besties…. my highschool BFF who is going to be the maid of honor in my wedding; ; my mom, who has always been there for me no matter what; my two fantastic, gorgeous, hilarious sisters; several different group of girls who I was close with in college and still talk to on a regular basis and love forever; and then group of 3 girls (plus yours truly!) who live in the same town as me now, one of which I knew during undergrad but wasn’t that close with, one who I worked with for one year and one who is a highschool friend of J’s.  (Was that just the world’s most insane runon sentence? Hopefully you can understand what I was babbling about.) Each of these groups fulfills a different need for me and I feel incredibly lucky to have each of these individual girls and these groups to support me.

Does anyone else out there feel like they are incredibly lucky to have lots of diverse groups of friends?

Anywho, the point of all of this is that I am going to the mountains on Friday with my local girls and I am ridiculously excited.  One of the girls, C, has a mountain house between Boone and Asheville, NC and we are going for a weekend of movies, wine, outlet shopping and enjoying the fall colors.  Could life be any better!?!? It definitely makes Monday a little bit sweeter…  AND, this weekend is supposed to be peak color for the leaves, Hiphip color extravaganza!

OOOOOH pretty fall leaves near Grandfather mountain!

OOOOOH pretty fall leaves near Grandfather mountain!


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  1. how FUN!! i hope this week passes quickly so that you get to all this good stuff!

    and this photo of gorgeous fall leaves is amazing!


  2. sounds like fun. outlet shopping pleases me greatly, it’s true.


  3. This sounds like a blast!


  4. Sounds like a perfect weekend! I have collected quite an assortment of friends as I’ve moved through life. Some I met at my various jobs, some I met through volunteer gigs, and some I’ve met through outside activities, such as workshops, etc. I think it is wonderful to have different people to share different interests and different parts of yourself with. I hope you have a fabulous fall weekend in the mountains with your good friends!


  5. You lucky lucky lady! I have a core group of a few girls that get me through life!


  6. Your weekend sounds just perfect! I’d love to take a weekend with my girlfriends. There is no place quite as beautiful as the Appalachians and Blue Ridge this time of year. I’m headed up to the Cumberland Plateau this weekend for a family get together (my husband’s side), and hope to have a time to take a nice long hike too.


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