wedding wednesday – dreamy…

I think I would love to wear this on my wedding day….




Fooled you.

Probably not actually…. I am sure you all knew better.


I actually went 2 weeks ago to try on dresses and loved many, many, many of them.  I knew going in that I DO like lace and am NOT a fan of beading, so that eliminated a lot of dresses for me.  I still feel torn between a super simple, sleek sheath and something more romantic and fully lace-tastic.  Hard choices, right?  They are so different, but I really like both.  I lean more towards the lace when I try it on but then I think, well perhaps something classic is a better choice.  I am classy right?? I have never been a girly girl.  But WAIT!  This lace one makes my foot fly up in the air a bit, a la the Princess Diaries kiss.  (Yes, I said it.)

Dang dresses.  What are you favorite real life styles for the brides, dearest readers?

Also on an unrelated note, I would just like everyone to know that my feet and back are killing me.  Last night was my school’s fall festival and scooping popcorn (AKA “a healthy snack”) onto kids’ plates for 2 hours and then standing and teaching math all day today and then dealing with a food fight courtesy of 7th grade boys = one exhausted little fish. 

At least I got to see our vice principal hula hoop. (Believe me, this is definitely a redeeming factor to the last 24 hours.)  Hope everyone else is enjoying their midweek, we’re over the hump!


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  1. Did you happen to forget some pictures here? Because I want to see this dress you tried to fool us with…… 😉

    And I was the same about dresses! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do classy or big poofy dress. But I ended up doing a a simple classy dress…but that’s just me 🙂

    Get some rest!!! You need it after that long day 🙂


  2. did you hoola hoop? you should have. i love hoola hooping. yes you look like a jackass but it’s still fun! lol.


  3. I prefer simpler styles, but I think so much of the choice is about the formality/informailty of the bride and the couple’s style. Buy the dress that you LOVE my dear, whatever style it may be. This is your day 🙂


  4. Posted by Hannah on October 22, 2009 at 4:22 am

    i read “one exhausted little fish” and thought you were talking about me. i was confused. you are a big fish. or tall fish. whatever.


  5. I SO need to wear another wedding dress. Ah ha. Lace intrigues me. My dress didn’t have any. : )


  6. i’m loving the ruffles but the limited kind. when it gets excessive, i’m over it.

    you look cute and your aerosoles are darling. they look very comfortable and chic 🙂


  7. this would make a good weekly blog post for all of us….
    “this is what I’m wearing”

    you should take this idea and run with it 🙂


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