totally inappropriate…

This post is probably not what you are thinking.  I am just commenting on the fact that I just bought two swimsuits is totally inappropriate for this time of year.  (I think the last time I posted something totally inappropriate, it might have had something to do with Wolverine‘s unit.  And yes, when I worked in an elementary school I had several little boys refer to their unit.  Like “Ow! Ow! I hurt my unit!”  Crazy little boys.   Ok now that I have gone a total ramble, I will get back to the subject at hand.)

So I bought two new swimsuits because I really only have one that I like and I figure that between a honeymoon and two destination weddings next summer, I definitely need at least three.  And now is the time of year to buy them, because they are super on sale.  I could really justify any purchase in my head, but I do think this actually might have been wise.  2 Jcrew bikinis for $40 plus shipping?!?!!  Hooray, my wallet rejoices!! (Except for the fact that I still removed money… but we won’t discuss that.)

Here are the two new cute suits (I figured that buying bikinis makes J happy to and I have to keep him happy right? yes indeedy.

Picture 589

Oh red hot. and shiny. i am scandalous. (but seriously, this is kinda scandalous for me.)

oh so cute. and RUFFLES! they strike again...

So cute! and RUFFLES! See they are everywhere

I am sure you are all disappointed that I did not post myself wearing these lovely suits.  However, after this weekend in the mountains I look more pregnant than the pregnant women at my school.  I kid you not.  I guess eating for two days straight and having lots of wine can do that to you.  Also I am pale.  Blindingly so.  So um… yea, those pictures will have to wait.  But aren’t these cute!?!? Wasn’t I justified in buying them?  Oh yes.


9 responses to this post.

  1. these little suits are ADORABLE!!! your man is going to be VERY EXCITED to see you in them!!!


  2. cute suits and lucky you to be able to wear a bikini…talk to me in 21 years after two kids and we’ll compare notes 🙂
    okay fine…yes I’m thin…maybe too thin…but that doesn’t make a bikini sexy at 45….I think I’ll stick with the bikini tops, but OH LORD give me shorts or a skirt for the bottom half !!!

    and TWO destination weddings ?…..I want friends like yours 🙂


  3. um…miss teacher…those bathing suits are HOTT! love the second one…like a LOT! who cares that it’s snowing in some states, those bikinis are a steal!


  4. Hi, I love your blog, and the pictures! Darling, this is a blog, not a magazine, so you can post everything you want (within the good sense of course), nothing is innapropriate. 😉
    Now following you via rss 😉

    Link me, follow me


  5. Heck yeah it was appropriate! The ruffles are so adorable!


  6. I have been trying to justify swimsuit purchases lately too…I think I am going to use the honeymoon as an excuse 🙂


  7. Love the red and love the ruffles! Two great scores! 😉


  8. WOW, those are some great prices!!!! I am LOVING the striped ruffley one! I totally want to steal it from you….


  9. GORGEOUS pics! the sky looks amazing!



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