wedding wednesday – flower power!

I started meeting with florists this week and I believe I have decided to use hydrangeas as a main element at the wedding and reception – hoorah! This is a big deal because I really don’t enjoy making decisions, so it is important to have one itsy bitsy decision made – out of about 3 million.

I like loose, pretty arrangements and a more casual look in general (for flowers, decorating, clothes… you get the idea).  So for my style (or aesthetic in fancy speak) and with the colors of green, cream and purple, I think hydrangeas be lovely – delicate and a little frilly, without being uptight.

Here are a few little treats that make me feel good about my decision:

Wouldn't these be so pretty in the simple church?

Oh this makes me like my color decision.

Oh this makes me excited about the color decision.

I wouldn't mind carrying something like this. No, I certainly would not mind a bit.

I'm definitely a fresh flowers as the cake decorations kind of girl.

Isn't the moss darling for the boys?

Well hope I didn’t flower shower you tooooo much and I hope everyone is having a happy week! I am super excited because it is the end of the first quarter of school and even though I have workshops the next two days, I get the lovely opportunity to arrive at work at 8:30 instead of 6:45.  EXCITEMENT ABOUNDS!  What happy things are getting you through the week? 🙂


6 responses to this post.

  1. great choice! i think those are perfect wedding flowers. and YAY for no more early morning days. but BOOOOO because that’s still the time i start work. lol.


  2. I love your decision….GREAT CHOICE !!!


  3. I love hydrangeas! My sister used some in her wedding and we also used them at her wedding shower. They look so beautiful in mason jars too! They also rock b/c they’re HUGE and fill up a case quickly making flower arrangements all the more affordable 🙂 Love them!


  4. love these flowers! 🙂


  5. I love the flowers you picked. That bouquet is really nice. Try to match the flowers with something you will be wearing, like blue flowers with your blue earring or something similar.


  6. I adore hydrangeas! That bouquet is so unique, love it. Beautiful choices, and these pictures make me want to go out and buy bunches and bunches of flowers!


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