monday bumday

It’s Monday and I am feeling like a bum and bummed out.  Silly Monday.  I thought I would look at some pretty things online to cheer me up and this is what I found:

jamie cassavoy

By Jamie Cassavoy


dory brown

By Dory Brown

patricia reil

Patricia Reil

christina lemon

By Christina Lemon


I’m not a big jewelry girl, but how can these not make you smile…. Way out of my league, but I can dream.  (Right, J?)  These beauties and more can be found at  – a store from my hometown! Hooray local flavor.  Hope everyone else’s Monday is a little brighter than mine!


5 responses to this post.

  1. I’m sorry you’re not having a good day! I don’t like Mondays either. They’re no fun.. Weekends are so much better!


  2. Love that cuff bracelet!


  3. i was a little awe struck by these…especially the second one. so perdy 🙂


  4. Sorry you had a bummer of a Monday! Hopefully the week will be brighter. Like you, I’m not really a big jewelry girl. But I absolutely love that first necklace!


  5. That bracelet is gorgeous!


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