wedding wednesday – a threefold experience

Sorry for no post yesterday, dearest readers.   I was at work for about 13 hours due to conferences after school. Woohoo.  And there was a fight I had to break up, first one of the year I’ve seen, but certainly not how I like to start my day.  That being said… lets move on to happier subjects…. or just one… my upcoming wedding!

So there are three wedding-rific things for me to address today.
ONE – Since I have the day off today because of Veteran’s Day (thank god, after yesterday) I am going to meet with photographers and hopefully decide on one.  I will keep you updated on that!
TWO – I went ahead and bought a dress that I will wear for my rehearsal dinner (I think…) I am almost positive I wanted to wear something off-white for the rehearsal dinner so I figured what better time of year than now to be budget savvy… teehee

Shoshanna dress from - isn't it pretty?

So what do you all think? Good rehearsal dinner dress? Good planning? Good grief, this fish is full of herself? Ha.

THREE – I need help!!! J and I don’t really have “a song” per se and I have no idea what our first dance will be to.  Does anyone have suggestions?  I am really at a loss… We don’t want too slow, we don’t want too fast, don’t want too cheesy.  Gawd, we’re picky.

Ps. I am also getting fitted for THE DRESS today.  That’s FOUR, I know, but I had to sneak it in.


Happy Wednesday!


4 responses to this post.

  1. That dress is gorgeous!!!! Great find!


  2. oh i love the rehearsal dinner dress! it’s fabulous and girly and happy and all that! love love love!

    as for wedding songs…sorry can’t help you there. haha.


  3. Posted by Sare-bear on November 12, 2009 at 3:27 am

    waste by phish? trying to think of bands you and J like……

    or a clapton or beatles song maybe? paul mccartney’s baby i’m amazed is great


  4. Posted by your sister on November 12, 2009 at 11:58 am

    you should do something by john butler. losing you? might be too slow though


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