wedding wednesday

This post diverges slightly from my usual wedding wednesday, in that it is a post about my friend L’s wedding, rather than mine.  She is getting married summer 2010 in St. John’s and I am oh-so excited.  L is one of my bridesmaids and I absolutely adore her, she has always been a free-spirit and adventurer type, so I am not at all surprised that she chose a destination wedding.

L is getting married 3 weeks after me, so it will be like a bonus honeymoon + friends! Woohoo!  She isn’t having bridesmaids but is only inviting her immediate family and the 5 of us that would have been her bridesmaids.  Personally, I think its going to be an awesome reunion to spend 5 days at villas in St John’s.

(I also think its fair to mention that these pictures did not hinder my excitement one bit when she sent them to me yesterday, so I could have a little preview.  They did however distract me from a cold, wet day of teaching middle schoolers.)

Behold 2 of the 5 houses being rented for our group:

I could relax on this private bedroom patio

I could handle a little pool party right here

And I could handle a little brunch right here

And I could handle brunch right here

And then party with the besties all night long 🙂

Doesn’t it look so idyllic? Have any of you been to a destination wedding? Does it live up to the hype? 

Hope you all are having a wonderful week so far and the weekend will be here  before we know it!


PS.  I am thankful tonight for this trip which is 9 months from now and for my mom making me homemade chicken pie tonight.  YUM!


3 responses to this post.

  1. looks like an episode of cribs or something. gosh, how do i get an invite?


  2. OMG. This place is GORGEOUS!




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