my life is sweet

So I am pretty much planning on doing absolutely nothing this weekend and I am freakishly excited about it.  I am going to spend the weekend with my dear parents, sleep late, do laundry, read and luxuriate in being a complete bum.  Ohlala!

Also, if anyone wants to spend some time and come to my house and teach me how to wear belts and make it look good, I would really appreciate it.  I always try to do this and feel like I fail.  Boohiss.  (I’m looking at your Chloe, Elaine and Kim. Dang I’m jealous. )

Here are a few things that are making me happy on my exciting/boring Friday evening:

This pretty AT Loft top, which hopefully will also be appearing in a prettily wrapped Christmas package

These adorable Christmas cards, I'm not even a cat person and they made me feel all squishy

 (at twin ravens press – you should check out all of their cards because they are ridiculously adorable.  not kidding. )

This book, because the book series has been different enough from the tv series, that it has been surprisingly fun to read. (I still love the show more though.)

And finally this website, because my favorite band (The John Butler Trio) just posted a music from their upcoming album, hooray! (I know this isn’t the music thats up a lot of people’s alley, but I love it.  It’s my inner hippie/girl who loves festivals coming out.)

What is making you happy this Friday?  (And yes, you can say New Moon.  I am going to have to get on the train and read these books and see Twilight, so I can keep up with all of you hip hip ladies.)

I hope you all have a lovely, splendiferous weekend!



3 responses to this post.

  1. Ahh…sounds like the PERFECT weekend! 🙂 And I totally bet you look fab wearing belts!!!


  2. sounds like a good weekend. kinda wish i was doing nothing. enjoy the nothingness 🙂


  3. A wide belt over a tunic paired with leggings is super easy! Hope you’ve had your laid back weekend!


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