guess who’s back, back again…

Yep, thats right, I have returned! After an absolutely wonderful, exciting, fantastic Thanksgiving break I am back to work at the middle school and back to posting for the bloggysphere.  Doesn’t that sound like some Britishism? Bloggysphere? Anyways…

How were all of your Thanksgivings? What were the highlights?  Mine were catching up with lots of old friends who were in town for the holidays, a scrumptious smoke flavored pork loin (which was cooked in the famous green egg – does anyone have one of these? the resulting food is delicious!), seeing J for 5 straight glorious days, getting the pleasure of being entertained by certain inebriated people, and going to a Wake basketball game and for dinner and drinks with the family afterwards (even though Wake lost – boohiss.)

Now I am ready for Christmas break! Only 14 more days until I get a full 2 weeks off! Can’t wait.

J and I also took pictures for our Save the Date this weekend, which I will be previewing Wednesday.  I am liking them 🙂

Well, hope you enjoyed the random updates on the holiday, I hope yours was just exciting as can be  and I hope all you bloggers are going to be sharing the steals you scored this weekend (I did not venture out into the competitive shopping world…)

And here is a little video that made me laugh, courtesy of my sister, its so cute!



4 responses to this post.

  1. Sounded like you had a great Thanksgiving! I just saw that video too and it is SOOO cute!!!


  2. you lucky teachers with your cool vacation schedules. hmph… 😉

    welcome back hun. that video is adorable!


  3. UM, THAT IS THE CUTEST VIDEO EVER!!! i re-blogged it on tiger butter and linked to you!

    and i am glad your thanksgiving was so fab. 🙂 right on!


  4. I’ve always wondered about those green eggs. Worth the flow?


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