cause its ladies night…..

Happy Monday, muffins!! I am in countdown mode and there are only 9 work days left until my glorious, glorious Christmas break!  Believe you me, I am veeeery excited for this momentous occasion.

In contrast with this excitement, my past weekend was not very momentous and did NOT have any snow.  Boo.  Mostly it consisted of catching up on sleep, rereading The Time Traveler’s Wife (does it make anyone else boohoo like it does me?) and watching parts of a weekend long Harry Potter marathon with my sister.  I also helped my parents with small repairs around their house (like hanging new curtains) because we are having an engagement party over the holidays! Hooray!

Tonight I’m headed over to my friend E’s house for girls’ night… I’m so excited because we haven’t had one in awhile and it’ll be so good to catch up with everyone.

We’ll be having some delicious pizza, red wine and homemade cookies…

Along with our holiday tradition of watching Love Actually! Yay Christmas Spirit.  Hope you all have a wonderful Monday evening as well!


2 responses to this post.

  1. LOVE that movie! You just reminded me to watch it!


  2. That sounds like the perfect girl’s night. I loooove Love Actually and will probably be watching it on my break as well 🙂


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