oh tannenbaum oh tannenbaum!

So I started singing this version of Oh Christmas Tree the other day and J thought I was totally wacko.  Am I the only one who has ever heard the Oh Tannenbaum song? Am I a total weirdo here? Or is J? Tell me he’s the weird one, oh please!

All that being said, I have started eyeing ornaments this year as never before because we are getting to start our own holiday traditions and one thing that we have to build up is our very own ornament collection, hooray!

Here are some lovely ornaments I found via etsy:

I just think this little guy is ridiculously cute, from PlunkettDesigns

Because tiny, itsy bitsy handknitted sweaters have some bizarre appeal to me, via BadAmyKnits

It’s a mouse on a tricycle! I don’t know what else to say but awesome.  And that it reminds me of the mouse and the motorcyle.  Anyone else like that book when they were a wee’ little thing?  From warmth on etsy.

Pretty, pretty handblown ornaments, nothing quite like them (and from my home state! woo asheville!) from inthelightglassworks.

Ps.  Happy Birthday, Mom!  Love you!


5 responses to this post.

  1. HAHA! i love the penguin ornament. if only etsy would produce a bulldog one just as fabulous.


  2. Love the penguin – too cute! The last one is pretty, too!


  3. That last one is just gorgeous. Happy bday to your mama!


  4. umm I need the last one! and happy bday to your MOM!!!


  5. these ornaments are ADORABLE!!!!


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