wedding wednesday

First of all, a very off topic question, but does anyone else keep getting emails from J.Crew that are like, “LAST DAY for Free Shipping”? Because I keep getting them and would believe them if I hadn’t received the same email 18 times already – I KNOW its not the last day JCREW! HOW do I know, you may ask!? Because you told me it was the last day yesterday, and the day before, and the day before, quit trying to sucker me! And quit sending the EXACT same email to my mailbox for me to delete everyday.  NOT a routine I am loving.  Ah! I don’t know why that annoys me so, its just ridiculous.

OK enough petty ranting.

So we still haven’t decided on a first dance song and whatnot for the wedding but I do think I know what our exit song might be.  I love love love this song by the Wannadies… The verses are so sweet and yet realistic (for me anyways), they highlight the mundane and comfortable parts of life that make everything sweet. And the chorus is just so happy and happy and happy…. I can totally see everybody bopping around to it at the end of the reception.  I don’t think I explained my love of this song well, sorry, it just makes me happy.  Does anyone else remember this song?  Any other great ideas for must-have wedding reception songs?

Only 2 days to the weekend, pumpkins!


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  1. awww i remember that song. it’s from romeo and juliet. makes me think of leo dicaprio…haha.


  2. hahaha! I have a million emails like that, J Crew being one of them. Saks is a big fat liar, too. And Topshop…


  3. I keep getting those emails, too, so it’s not just you!

    Great song choice – I love non-traditional songs, although it is still a love song!


  4. j crew drives me crazy too….
    just go to the bottom and unsubscribe….bye bye j crew and all the other annoying stores that think I want to shop online with them…..


  5. This is such a great song! I like the indie-feel from it. I went to one reception and they played all loveydovey pop songs… like teeny bop.. Yeah, it was pretty weird.


  6. hee hee! i’m on jcrew’s email list too! way annoying.

    i really like the song “over the rainbow”
    what do you think?


  7. Posted by hannah on December 10, 2009 at 1:41 pm

    what about brand new colony by the postal service


  8. gah! i am getting hundreds of sale emails a day it seems like. stop! and victoria’s secret sends me at LEAST 3 catalogues a week. it is nuts!


  9. Anthro’s shoes are crazy pricey, but crazy beautiful!


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