so totally ate it this evening while walking my sister’s dog.  it looks like i am about 10 years old and fell while rollerskating.  seriously, i am not sure when the last time was that i had huge bruises and scrapes on both knees and on the palms of my hand.  awesome.

even more awesome? my engagement party tomorrow. and these knees.  i wasn’t sure what dress i was going to wear, but now i am certain it will be paired with tights. opaque tights. crap.

i’ll update with pictures tomorrow.  hope your week started off less violently than mine!


6 responses to this post.

  1. welcome to my life! i eat it every day! i’m such the klutz.


  2. That does not sound pleasant. Hopefully everything is okay! And, tights are in, anyway, so you’re good!


  3. sp sprry about your knees. I am klutz though so I relate lol!! I can’t wait for the party pics!!


  4. oh MY! i am so sorry! and i am a huge klutz, so i feel your pain! i think you should have some “before” opaque tights shots, and some “after” shots, too! you will look back at these shots and laugh. 🙂


  5. I do that all the time, I swear! I am so clumsy. Can’t wait to see pics for tomorrow!!! 🙂


  6. way to find tights and a dress to cover up your bruised up body….
    you look amazing as did the party….


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