Winter weather, meet some of my Christmas gifts…. they are totally kicking your butt! (Although I still did not enjoy standing in the bus lot today herding middle schoolers onto buses. brrrrr….)

All bundled up against the blustery wind - Coat from Kohl's two years ago, gifted hat and WHBM skirt

So cozy! Thanks Santa! (Also I have morphed into the ghost face killah)

Bold moves with patterns! I know this combination of striped tights and houndstooth isn't really that bold but I vowed to start playing with patterns. Baby steps, baby steps...

I also have to share for all of you RPattz lovers that I got to hear a group of middle schoolers discuss whether or not he was gay today.   First of all middle schoolers are hilarious, secondly I heard a girl say “OMG! Swoon!” and thirdly middle school boys don’t have any tolerance for sparkles. Ahem.  Anyways, just another day of hard work.  Happy Tuesday!


6 responses to this post.

  1. you look so cute, i love it!!


  2. love your cozy winter look!

    and rpat is NOT gay! no way! he is my lover! ahahah. SURE.


  3. CUTE!! I love the pattern combination!! Awesome! Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog btw.


  4. Fab use of mixing patterns lady!


  5. i definitely like the layering of patterns with the skirt and tights. so cute!


  6. Love the pattern mixing! I too am doing a little pattern experimenting in my wardrobe. I’m loving all the funky tights this year!

    Also, as for the RPattz discussion, I love how I probably have very similar conversations with my my own “adult” friends. But not about him being gay! I mean he’s totes straight! Like OMG. <– my middle school impression.


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