Thank you, and you, and you and youuuuuu….

I was singing those thank you’s to the tune of the Sound of Music Song…. “Adieu, adieu, to you and you and you….” Just a little peek into my crazy head.  Constant singalongs I tell you.  Anyways, onto my main point.

I got the most adorable notecards from J’s mom for Christmas, they are purple and greenish and have my name on them and are handmade in a tiny store in our downtown and oh so perfect.  I have been writing quite a few thank you’s over the last few days, for engagement gifts, for Christmas gifts and general awesomeness.  These little cards reminded me how fun and lovely thank you cards are to receive and how fun and lovely special stationary is.  Here are a few pieces of paper I wouldn’t mind writing on:

Because it really is all in the details, from le printemps:

Because its just funny, from Sycamore Street Press:

Because anyone who knows me know I love stationary with birds, from sweetbellacards:

Because this is just really frickin’ cute, from persnicketypelican.

Speaking of puppies, I would also like to add my senile chihuahua keeps trying to sneak into all carpeted rooms in our house over the last couple of weeks.  I know she is up to no good. Bad animal.


7 responses to this post.

  1. I had to laugh at the axe comment….
    I have an 18 year old who’s a senior in high school and just switched to a new cologne, but was wearing everything axe…cologne, body wash, deodorant etc…..and I gagged every time he left his trail behind him…I’m sure next year I’ll miss that smell, right ?


  2. That Sycamore St Press card is hysterical! I love that!


  3. I love thank you cards! Especially cute and crafty ones!


  4. now those are cute thank you cards. the ones i get are fugly and not sincere at all…these ones give me hope in the world 😉


  5. they are all just darling!


  6. LOL I LOVE the sound of music!! Those thank you cards are ADORABLE!


  7. super cute cards. i’m obsessed with birds lately. not the real ones…just the ones in pictures (had to clarify).


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