Wedding Wednesday – bridesmaid style

My MOH, E, is getting married just a couple weeks after me and because her wedding is small, I am the only attendant.  Awesomely enough, this means I got to pick my own dress!! Right now she is trying to narrow down the shade of blue she wants (somewhere between teal and navy), but after that it is ON! (Like donkey kong.)

In the meantime, I have started browsing dresses I love, so eventually I can show her a couple I like and hopefully she’ll see one that she thinks is perfect too 🙂  Has anyone else had this experience of getting to pick their own dress?  It definitely makes me smile.

JCrew definitely has great dresses that are bridesmaid-esque AND re-wearable.  I think this would be darling at a summer wedding.

E is getting married in Wilmington, NC and still debating whether to do an indoor or outdoor ceremony.  This might  the perfect little dress for an outdoor wedding in August at the beach. This dress from Notte by Marchesa is waaaay fancier than any wedding I’ll ever be in but its soooo pretty and I lurrrrve it, so I included it anyways. (Bloggieland = fantasyland a wee bit.)

Shoshanna’s one shoulder dress from shopbop would keep me cool and pretty.

Diane von Furstenberg’s dress would be tooooo much of a showstealer, but the colors are right and its flippin’ awesome.  (Be Mine!!)

Well that’s my roundup, muffins!! Hope you are all having a wonderful week and that it warming up for you a bit, like it is here in NC!


8 responses to this post.

  1. i love the first one!!! love it! and lucky you being able to point the bride in the right direction!


  2. Oh, I’ve never been a bridesmaid before, boo! Lucky you, and to be able to choose your own dress, am so jealous!!

    I really love the Marchesa one, so floaty and romantic! A girl can dream:)



  3. That J.Crew dress is to. die. for. I will be purchasing soon for my own benefit, yes. So, I vote that one!


  4. Posted by wonderfelle on January 15, 2010 at 6:19 am

    oh i am in love with the Notte dress i just might need to make my bridesmaids wear it! that would require actually being engaged but thats not the point… my sister got married last May and as the MOH i got to pick the dresses for all the bridesmaids. they were pretty simple but really cute cocktail dresses that i would totally wear again (


  5. I’ve totally been drooling over that DVF! It is such a showstopper! I let my girls choose their own and my girlfriend let us choose our own. It was super fab being able to pick something that I felt looked really good on me!


  6. I LOVE the first one!!!! I think you should persuade her to pick that color… 😉


  7. they are all gorgeous!!!


  8. Posted by hannah on January 16, 2010 at 2:10 am

    did you ever find out about the first dress being in the green? i reaaaaally want it


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