Ruh-roh anthro.

Dear Anthro,

I lurrrrve you.  But my wallet does not.  I do love your sales though.  And I love when wise family and friends buy me anthro gifts even more!

I know this post is a little bit delayed, but as I mentioned before Christmas that I was hoping for the gumshoe sweater and I received it from J’s parents! (Hooray!) I’ve loved this sweater since I got it and I have worn it at least once a week in a variety of ways… I’ve gotten tons of compliments every single time I’ve worn it.  I think it is the combination of the amazing cut and the fact that the color I got really demands attention… kind of like a fire.  Well that might be a bit extreme, but you get the idea.

This OOTD earned me the following comment, “Wow, you actually look like a teacher today!” from a fellow teacher.  (Good, perhaps?) And the comment of “Oh no, where are you going!?” from a student confused by the fact that I was wearing a coat and thought I was leaving for the day.  Hmmm. Please excuse the crappy, end of the day, half pulled back hair:

Gumshoe sweater from anthro, borrowed top, BCBG skirt, Old Navy tights

Kenneth Cole Reaction shoes. Some old favorites, even though they are getting a bit beat up. I think I need to wear them with more contrasty tights next time!

Is anyone else enjoying a short week like me?  It has certainly put a bit of a spring in my step.  I also got a 98.5 in my online class, which made me super happy.  50% of our grade depended on our final project and final paper so it was a relief to get that grade back finally.  Hope you all are having a lovely Tuesday!


6 responses to this post.

  1. cute!! You look great!!


  2. LOL!!! “Oh no, where are you going!?” Tooo funny! You look fab though. Totally loving the coat!


  3. you can’t go wrong with anthro! looks adorable on you.


  4. You gotta love a good back-handed compliment. Sigh!


  5. Oh the sweater is fantastic, I love the dramatic ruffles and the colour on you!

    Have a great short week:)


  6. so cute! anthro is my achilles heel too!


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