wedding wednesday – dedicated to the future hubby!

I was able to go shopping with my mom today for her dress for my wedding, which was so fun.  My mom is adorable and has been super supportive in every decision I’ve had to make so far. She has been there to make sure all of the things for the wedding are taken care of and for stepping in for me when I feel overwhelmed.  She has also been super careful to never be pushy and her attitude about the wedding is just another reason in my list of a thousand why I feel so lucky that she is my mom… I love you mom!

Even though they didn’t have the dress she found online in store today, she tried on a super similar one and decided to go ahead and order the one she originally liked.  Here’s a photo of it, although she ordered it in a blue color, its by Watters:

Anywho, thats all I have for today.  I am finding as it gets closer to the wedding I have more and more wedding things that I could blog about – but I am going to try to keep it to just Wednesdays, unless I have some especially juicy news.  I have our finished save the dates AND honeymoon decision to post about soon 🙂 What are your thoughts on this, dear readers?

I also have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, J! My wonderful, lovely, thoughtful, handsome fiance is 25 today!! J, I feel so lucky that I am going to be marrying you in less than six months and I hope you are having a wonderful birthday!  Spending a long weekend with you was perfect and it made me so excited to be living with you in a few short months! Love love love you!

The first picture we ever took together, September 2006

Is everyone else still enjoying a warm spell? Its got me ready for full spring mode! Hope you are all having fantastic weeks!


8 responses to this post.

  1. i love that dress!!!

    and happy birthday to your man!!!!!


  2. Happy Birthday!! Wish you were with him!


  3. Great dress! Happy Birthday to your FI!


  4. What a lovely fiance! And planning a wedding can be so much fun! My favorite part was the invitations and the dress!


  5. Happy birthday to your fiance! Good luck with your planning!!


  6. happy birthday to the fiance! yay!


  7. Posted by hannah on January 21, 2010 at 5:21 am

    i lurve that picture of you and jason so!


  8. you’re so sweet:)

    your mom is going to look wonderful in that beautiful dress and happy birthday to your fiance!!


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