food fight!!

Just to let you know what my day was like today, during lunch someone flicked off the lights.  Then 100 seventh graders started screaming because the room was in complete darkness.  Five minutes later, the light flicks off again.  More screams.  When it comes back on, there is food everywhere.  Yes, those brilliant seventh grade boys took advantage of thirty seconds of darkness to throw fries, mashed potatoes, ketchup, etc.  Maturi-taaaay!  It is one of those situations where its hard not to laugh, but its important for them to know that their actions are not okay.  I really love teaching middle schoolers, they are starting to develop personalities of their own, but they aren’t big bad high schoolers who believe that they know more than adults yet (with a few exceptions).  But sometimes, I am just at a loss.

Whats the craziest thing that has ever happened to you at work? A day that made you want to laugh and cry at the same time? And maybe run around in circles screaming?


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  1. oh my gosh, you poor thing! but that is too funny! wow, you work with junior highers? i would have thought that they’re the toughest. i admire you! i just finished mentioning on my last post about the tough night i had with the kiddos at church. i pretty much lost control immediately. just one of those nights!


  2. that is awesome balls! i wish i went to a school like that. nothing funny or crazy happens like this at my work.


  3. Oh yikes – sounds awful!


  4. Oh dude wow. Hope you didn’t get caught in the crossfire! Check out BonBon today. You’re a winner!


  5. This is crazy! I think the craziest thing I think was I lost my keys (I work from home) but your job sounds totally worth it for days like these!


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