I can totally tell that time of the month is coming as I have the urge to bite someone’s head off.  Well not just someone, pretty much everyone I have spoken with today.  I keep telling myself, its not them, its me.  Hopefully, this mantra will sink in and I will not kill anyone today.

On a happy note I did receive the cards I ordered from flapperdoodle on etsy today and they are super cute, so that cheered me up a bit.  I think I am going to hang three in a row in the bathroom, for some flapperiffic fun.

I also started my taxes, bleh, but at least I am going to get a good chunk of change back! So that makes me happy, although most of it will go straight into savings.  Alas.

This weekend J and I went to a sushi restaurant to celebrate weekend two of his birthday week, since I couldn’t be with him on his birthday and it was surprisingly delicious for Greenville, NC.  Hooray for us finally finding a good restaurant there!  We also saw the Fantastic Mr. Fox, which we both loved. Okeydokey, now I am talking about things that make me smile, so I am going to continue on that vein and leave you with this…

Beagles love blueberries. 🙂 Happy Monday!


2 responses to this post.

  1. I really REALLY want to see this movie, but I hardly ever make it to the movies! Guess I’m going to have to wait for Netflix 😦


  2. i can’t believe i haven’t seen this yet, i’m a huge wes anderson fan and know that i’ll love it!


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