one last dance with mary jane…

but I really don’t want foot pain.

okay, that was bad.  I am a big baby though and if shoes hurt my feet, I end up wearing them once or twice and then they sorta get shuffled to the back of the closet never to be seen again.  Or to be seen once a year.

I’ve been searching for a pair of super comfy yet cute Mary Janes and ended up with these from Naturalizer…

They are from Naturalizer, so they have super nice cushioning, but I am worried the 2.5 inch heel is still going to be too much for me.  Maybe like 1.5 would be a little better… what do you think readers, if I go with a lower heel are they going to be too dowdy?  Should I stick with these? Any other good suggestions?  Keep in mind I’m 5’10, so these also put me over 6 feet tall! Ayyyy! (That was my Amazon call.)

Hopefully the internet won’t be hating me today and I can actually catch up on all of your blogs… Happy Tuesday!


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  1. they are pretty cute! i am 5’9″ and have wussy feet, so i flip at anything over 3″. i prefer comfortable boots. i don’t know how chicks wear all these 4″ and 5″ shoes — gorgeous shoes, but OUCH! i would die!


  2. I think they are so cute! You should totally get them! I don’t think the heel is too high at all.


  3. i’m no help…i only do 3.5 inches and up. pain? who cares! i just ignore it.

    i think the shoes are cute…but i actually dig flats more. if i were as tall as you, i’d be rockin a cute pair of flats every day.


  4. Flats for the office may be a little dowdy but for everyday use, definitely get flats! I only wear high heels when walking is reduced to a minimum:P

    But this pair is rather lovely, not too tall and not too dowdy:)



  5. those are really cute! when i help my mom get shoes, i tell her to go with a chunky or wedge like heel…maybe that would help?


  6. […] also ended up taking these shoes back to Dillard’s but ordering them from the Naturalizer website because they were on sale […]


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