I just got home from a super long day at work.  I had to stay until this evening because our school had a presentation on gang awareness tonight.  All I can say is that thinking about these twelve and thirteen year olds getting sucked into this lifestyle is heartbreaking.  Knowing them firsthand, even the ones that look and act tough are really just kids underneath it all.  I wish we could save them all.

If you ever have a chance, please volunteer to tutor middle school kids or be a Big Brother/Big Sister.  I’m not one to hand out advice, but it can make such a HUGE difference in a kids life and that is totally worth it. They are soooo impressionable at this age!

Enough of that soapbox, I’m going to go get into my slippers and pj’s and dream of snow perhaps? We will see what happens….


4 responses to this post.

  1. Oh, that is so heartbreaking!!! That is great you’re so involved with the school!


  2. It is so sad they way little ones get sucked into that lifestyle!


  3. Thanks for commenting back on my blog. Interestingly, I tried to volunteer for a Big Sister in NYC years ago, but they weren’t taking any more women. They were desperate for men.


  4. it is wonderful that you are so involved…it is such a horrible lifestyle


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