Well the winter weather we heard about for the entire week last week hit NC hard on Friday night.  It snowed about 8 inches here in NC and I have been cuddled up inside with movies, wine, board games and good food since then.  Spending time with my parents and sister this weekend has been nice, but I am sad that I didn’t get to spend the snowbound time with J.  At least we’ll be together the next two weekends and its not long ’til I move down there!

Although most of the weekend has been spent inside enjoying the white, sparkling scenery through the windows, I just came in from a quick sledding session with my mom and sister.  We bundled up in all our best warm clothes and headed out into the backyard.  It was SO much fun! (Pictures to come…) Being out there made me think about adding to my collection of winter hats though.  Here are couple that would sit pretty on my head 🙂

I would be an awesome snow bunny in this hat from DaKine, available here

Classic and cozy, big surprise its by Eugenia Kim.  Available at shopbop.

This darling hat fulfills the plaid trend and my love of winter hats with bills. From Grace Hats, available at tobi.

And isn’t this hat from etsy seller Skye Knits and Crochet ridiculously cute!?

Hope everyone else is enjoying the winter weather as well!  We already know school is cancelled tomorrow, so I’ll be enjoying at least one more day of snow sponsored relaxation 🙂


5 responses to this post.

  1. I like that second one a long – big knit!


  2. I was searching for a hat with cute ear flaps like that first one and never found the right one this winter. Kinda loving that one though…


  3. Those hats are beautiful, I love the 3rd one.


  4. Very much needed even in Miami this winter… 😉


  5. i am all about hats in the winter!


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