wedding wednesday – the save the dates.

Does it bother anyone else that the acronym for save the date is STD? Cause it makes me laugh on a regular basis. Ha wedding humor, I am cracking up / need to get a life.

Anywho, I had fun making our save the dates and we finally sent them out this week.  I was especially impressed with the money saving skills I pulled with this.  I originally got the idea to make these photo strips from our friends A&J who got married in May.  Since we have NO friends in common, I asked if I could steal their idea and tweak it a bit and they said yes… Hooray!

I used stencils to cut out all of our letters for this project.  The stencils cost $5.  After all the letters were cut out, we took the pictures.  This was definitely the most fun part of the process, J and I had a great time and got to kid around while posing for these “photo booth-esque” pictures.  I love him!

Next, I used coupons to buy magnetic paper from A.C. Moore and Michael’s.  I actually like the sheets from A.C. Moore a little better because they are thinner and therefore print better.  After picking out our favorite pictures of each of the words, I arranged them in photoshop and lined things up so five save the dates would print on a page.  (With the help of my mom’s administrative assistant, she was a lifesaver helping me figure out the template!)

Using coupons means you can get the packets of magnet sheets at 1/2 off, which means they are $3 a piece.  From each pack of 3 sheets, you can print 15 magnets.  If you are careful and don’t mess up any of the sheets when you cut them out, that means you can make each save the date for .20 cents each!  (This was a must for me because save the dates are something that I DID want to send out, but did NOT want to blow my budget on, AT ALL.) Woo, plus postage we’ll just say everything is about 65 cents per save the date.  I felt pretty good about this budget savvy DIY.  What do you guys think?

A sheet of the magnets before I cut them apart.

The final project stuck to our refrigerator. Kind of a weird angle, but you get the idea.

So what do you think dear readers?  Hopefully all our wedding guests will like them, since they’ll start to get them in the mail today! Happy Wednesday!

Ps. If anyone has questions about this, just email me!


10 responses to this post.

  1. Too cute!


  2. Posted by wonderfelle on February 4, 2010 at 3:33 am

    how fun! these are super cute and a great affordable DIY idea! save the dates are definitely a place where I would save vs. splurge in terms of wedding expenses and i love this!


  3. Theses are so damn crafty, and thrifty! I love seeing interesting and creative save the dates. I almost feel like they can outshine the actually invitation because they’re all so different.


  4. Great project to do and get your groom involved… fun!


  5. they turned out so cute!!


  6. That is sooo cute!!!! And such an easy DIY!! People need to figure out they don’t need to spend so much money for save the dates and invites. My husband and I made our invites ourselves 😀


  7. STD?!?!??! hahaha hah!!!! that is better than VD for valentine’s day!!!

    and i LOVE what you came up with! brilliant! inexpensive! creative! fun! FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!!!


  8. they are so cute!!!


  9. I *LOVE* this idea! Love it love it love it. Most Save The Dates make me go, “Ehh, okay” but if i received one like this, I’d put a huge smile on my face. Way to go!


  10. Can you believe I got through all of wedding planning without making that correlation? Ah ha ha. LOVE your STDs. Ah ha ha. Did you get your print btw?


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