Happy Birthday to Dad!

Yesterday was both Super Bowl Sunday and my Dad’s birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! He is the most awesome, nicest father in the entire world.  He is incredibly patient with me and my sisters and is super generous and always tries to do sweet things for us.  I feel lucky to have such a great dad 🙂

A picture of me and my dad in Boston last summer

Basically, this week was just kind of slow and lazy.  I went to visit J and we hung out around the apartment, played on our Wii that we gave each other for Christmas (which we haven’t done enough living 200 miles apart) and went out to eat.  Then Sunday I came to hang out with my parents to celebrate Dad’s birthday, eat chocolate cake and homemade salsa and watch the Super Bowl.  All in all, a nice weekend, but despite the slow pace it was really hard to go back to work today.  The snow has made me lazy! Ahhhh! Hope you are all having a good start to your week!


5 responses to this post.

  1. My week has been SO lazy, too! And I love Super Bowl sunday for the food, man. Sounds like your menu was delicious!


  2. happy birthday dad!!!

    love that his birthday fell on superbowl sunday…i’m sure he loved that too!


  3. How sweet! Happy (belated) Birthday to your dad!


  4. That is so sweet! Happy birthday to your dad!


  5. aw, happy birthday to your dad!


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