catching up!

Sorry I missed yesterday’s post…  I was busy eating some Mexican food and watching some college basketball!  I went with a couple of my friends to the Wake Forest game (Go Deacs!) and got to see the win versus Boston College.  I know this is completely unrelated to the usual topics of this blog, but growing up in North Carolina college basketball has always been a big deal (thing HUGE DEAL).  Everyone in my family went to UNC, but as the lone Wake Forest grad I am a Demon Deacon fan.  Generally though, everyone who grew up around here either loves Carolina or Duke, hates the other of those two teams and WF is their second favorite team (as long as Wake isn’t playing their team, they’ll cheer for them.)

Anyhow, enough about that rambling, I had a great time at the game and we won and I got to go La Carretta, where we ate ALL THE TIME when I was undergrad and it was fantastic.  🙂  Hope everyone else’s week is going swimmingly!

Wake Forest's student section, the oh-so-fashionable tie dye nation. (Side note - I am pretty sure the kid on the left might be the student currently attending Wake who I saw on campus that looks like Ron Weasley's doppleganger, but I am not positive from this picture. Tricky.)


3 responses to this post.

  1. NCAA bball is probably my fave sport to watch (soo happy NFL is over!) and my fam is full of die hard duke fans so i’m glad you went to Wake and not UNC 😉 bball + mexican is a great combination!


  2. eating mexican food and watching basketball?! UNEXCUSABLE!!!

    hehe. i kid. hope you had fun!


  3. That first number is SO gorg! DId you get your giveaway win lady?


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