red hot lurrrrve

Dear readers,

I have to tell you I had planned to find red dresses for Valentines Day, despite it feeling slightly cliche to me.  Why would I do that, you might ask.  Because, I don’t know I felt like I should do something VD (that’s for you, drollgirl) related (and evidently I am a sucker).   I started cruising around the web though and red dresses are just soooooooo not me.  I have one red wrap dress and I always feel so self-conscious in it and it is not even particularly sexy or look at me, its just, well a red dress.  Does anyone else have items of clothing that make them feel this way? Like you should like the clothing and feel hot in it, but just feel awkward?

Well, after that epic fail of a post and dress search, I will post a dress that I would LOVE to wear for date night this spring…

Yum, I have been craving this pretty from anthro since first sight. Totally up my alley.

And just to prove there is a red dress out there I would wear, this one from shopbop:

I have one T-Bags dress and adore it so much, I think I could rock this one too, despite the dreaded color.

Happy almost weekend, lovelies!


6 responses to this post.

  1. I would totally wear both of these! i know what you mean though, there are definitely things in my closet that are a little too clingy that just make me uncomfortable even though they’re supposedly “hot”… i think it’s much more attractive when you feel good in your clothes though!


  2. VD?! bahahahahahahaaha!!! that’s just wrong…drollgirl will love that.

    ps. get the red dress.


  3. omg—I NEED, NEED NEED that first dress in my life, uumm fab!


  4. GET THE FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. I like the first. Second is a bit more Spring-y, but it may just be because it’s still 25 and snowing here.


  6. anthro dress….come to mama!


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