Happy VDAY weekend!

Hope everyone is having a LOVELY weekend.  Mr. J and I are snowed in and loving it.  Last night we watched the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics and the movie Persepolis. I thought the Opening Ceremonies were awesome possum.  Did anyone else watch and enjoy it as much as I did?  I’m not sure what my favorite part was, but possibly the flying acrobat during the Joni Mitchell song.

J and I were talking about the difference between Superbowl and Olympics commercials as well, its interesting how the Superbowl is all about being cutting edge but the Olympic commercials often appeal to a sense of nostalgia, patriotism, etc.  He prefers the former, while I am a sucker for the latter.  Also, if you haven’t seen Persepolis, I would highly recommend it.  Not like any other movie I have ever seen, and it is animated with subtitles but soooo interesting.

I also have to note that J took a vase I won to the florist and had flowers arranged in it as a Valentine’s gift for moi.  So thoughtful! (Thanks J!)  Hope everyone else has a wonderful weekend!


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