musical monday

I am posting another musical monday mostly because I broke my camera by spilling contact solution on it – and not having a camera makes blogging a little more difficult and a little bit less interesting.

I’m also posting it in the spirit of having had a lovely romantic weekend and because I love this song.  J says he likes it too, but he also said the following when we were talking about using it as our first dance song, “Oh yea, it totally seems to have the correct combination of cheddar, parmesan, mozzarella and brie.” Isn’t he soooo funny?  But seriously, in the realm of cheesy, this is the right kind of cheese for me.

So what kind of camera should I get to replace my old one? Think point and shoot because I am no photography expert… Hope everyone is having a lovely Monday… spring is coming! xoxo

PS.  I don’t think we are using this song cause he has one he likes way more and I have to take it seriously when J actually has an opinion about wedding related things.

PPS.  I know its not Wednesday, but I missed Wedding Wednesday last week, so here you gooooo!

PPPS.  Check out wonderfelle’s gorgeous bracelet giveaway here!


4 responses to this post.

  1. i luuuuuuuurrrrve ray lamontagne.


  2. Cute! As for a replacement camera, I’ve always loved the Canon Powershots that I’ve owned. My last one lasted me 4 years before my boyfriend bought me an upgraded one for Christmas.


  3. How adorable!

    Happy weekend!


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