oh so happy!

Why am I so happy? Because I don’t have a cavity.  Last weekend while flossing I noticed a spot on my bottom, right molar.  I mortified and a bit scared.   Seriously, this gruesomeness appeared out of nowhere!! And I am really meticulous about my teeth.  I had one cavity at the age of 22 and it scarred me.  Horribly.

Upon seeing this ugly, ugly SPOT I immediately called the dentist and went in today to have it looked at.  (I also have to tell you, I have been having some tooth-spot related anxiety this week, you can ask J.)

Well the dentist was able to just sand it right off and told me there is no decay! HOORAY!  Evidently there is a little dip in my tooth and it is more susceptible to cavities so I just have to be extra careful about brushing there in the future. Who knew?  My dentist got a kick out me going “YAY! Yay! I am SO happy!” when he told me I didn’t have a cavity and sent me on my merry way with no charge.  What a happy afternoon!!

Thank god all my teeth aren’t going to rot out and J won’t have to marry someone who looks like this…

Never mind.  I can’t bear to put a picture of rotten teeth on my blog.  You can imagine what happened when I searched for rotten teeth pictures.


4 responses to this post.

  1. My boyfriend has dips too. You are not alone.


  2. whew! sigh of relief!!

    i had something similar…a stain, i think he called it but no decay. thank the LORD!


  3. yay!!! and your dentist didn’t charge you a THING!?!?!? what?!?!? that is a miracle! i always calculate what i am paying my dentist per hour. usually it is over $300. that drives me MAD.


  4. That’s great news!


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