itsy bitsy little black belt

That little belt has definitely become my friend.  I’ve taken cues from all you fashion bloggers out there and as a result I have been incorporating more belts and accessories in general into my daily routine.  Its been a hard road but I think I am getting used to it.  This particular outfit was definitely very Gingersnap inspired 🙂

I got this shirt from Ann Taylor Loft for Christmas and while I love the pattern I hadn’t worn it yet because it was just a bit too billowy to go with a skirt and just barely worked with jeans.  I threw on the skinny belt and a cardigan though and tada! Everything came together… this trick is going fully into the rotation.  (Also I hope you are getting a giggle out of how behind I am with this trend.  Go fishy, go!)

Teacher-riffic! Awkward Posture! Woo! (Loft shirt, Loft cardigan, Target skirt, Kohls tights and belt stolen from mom!)

I also ended up taking these shoes back to Dillard’s but ordering them from the Naturalizer website because they were on sale for $23 and I figured even with the high heel I couldn’t lose, right?  Hooray! AND I wore them out last night for hours and didn’t even fall down one time!

I think they are kind of darling.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, pumpkins!


5 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for dedicating this post to me! As you know, I just LOVE belting stuff! Funny thing though, I don’t have a classic black belt! I have all kinds of funky black ones, but not a classic one! You’ve made me realize I need one in my wardrobe ASAP! I don’t know how I overlooked it! haha. I love your outfit and I think the purple in your blouse is really pretty 🙂


  2. I think you look great!!! I love that you belted the blouse.


  3. Those shoes are so cute!@ I love the t-strap!


  4. very cute shoes!


  5. Love that 2nd piece!


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