a big sigh of relief

I’ve been really tense over the last week or so, because my year-end evaluation for teaching was today.  I am so relieved that it over and it went really well!  Hooray!  I already knew I would feel much better when it was over, just because the pressure would be off.  Having such a positive experience makes me feel giddy though!!   In addition, I picked up my wedding dress today and we received our first wedding gift.  LUCKY DAY! 🙂

Now I am headed to a birthday dinner for my high school best friend, I hope everyone else is enjoying this sunny Tuesday 🙂

Some beautiful tulips I picked up a few weeks ago that are reflective of today's exuberance!


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  1. Posted by wonderfelle on April 14, 2010 at 2:56 am

    Glad the pressure is off and sooo exciting you picked up your dress! And got your first present! What a great day 🙂


  2. Congrats on the evals being done and over with!! And wow for having your wedding dress ready to go- so so exciting!!


  3. oh man…annual reviews always have me crapping my pants (not literally).

    glad to hear you did well. wouldn’t expect anything otherwise!


  4. That’s great! Love the tulips!


  5. So glad to hear things went well! And you picked up your dress?? EEk!!!


  6. things are going your way! WOO HOO! you must be stoked. all good things! YEE HAW!


  7. So glad to hear that the stress is floating away – and that you picked up your dress! How exciting!


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