a whirlwind weekend!

Celebrating sister’s 24th birthday, Grandpa’s 80th birthday, visiting lots of rarely seen family members and driving a total of 13 hours in one weekend made the entire weekend fly by.  When I got to school this morning I felt like I hadn’t even been away from my students it went by so quickly.

Although the time flew by, I had a wonderful time visiting with family and celebrating with my dear sister and grandfather.  Hearing stories about my grandpa growing up and about his life was so nice and getting to hang out with S was wonderful as well.  (Sorry we were stuck in po’dunk, S! We will have a more fun night soon, I promise!)

Grandpa (seated) and his older and younger brother. I felt blessed to get to spend his 80th with him.

My dear sisters out for drinks to celebrate S turning 24. Party animals!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and that you have a wonderful week!


7 responses to this post.

  1. happy birthday to your grandpa and sister!!!!!


  2. Yay for bday celebrations!! Looks like they both rocked! Mmmmm…’tinis!


  3. Oh, how fun!!! That’s so great you were able to see your family. We live far from both our families so it’s always fun to have get togethers like that huh??


  4. Posted by Hannah on April 20, 2010 at 7:23 pm

    ooooh our drinks were sooooo pretty 😀


  5. well happy birthday to your paw! i hope you all had a blast!


  6. Awww how fun! I love celebrating birthdays 🙂


  7. Sounds like a great time!


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