film fest!

Last night friend E and I went for Vietnamese food and then to see a film at the RiverRun Film Festival. I find it exciting that my small town of around 250,000 people has its own film festival every year and what is even more exciting is that they consistently show quality films that I wouldn’t have otherwise seen.  Every year I try to go see a couple of the films both for my personal pleasure and to support the local arts scene.  Winston-Salem has its own film school in NC School of the Arts and I just have to say again that I feel lucky that there is so much to do in a town of this size.

Last night we saw the documentary Convention, which I couldn’t really find any trailers of online, but I will tell you my opinion was that it was great.  It was a behind the scenes coverage of the 2008 DNC, but did not carry any strong political bias.  Instead it examined the individual perspectives of the many people involved in making an event that large run smoothly.  You really grew to like the mayor, the city planner, the permits issuer, etc. throughout the course of the film.  I would definitely recommend this film to anyone interested in it or in documentaries in general, it was very accessible and so funny!

On a side note, since my post today is about movies, the remake of Death at a Funeral has been bothering me since I saw the first preview for the American version, but I haven’t ranted about it, because thats generally not what I do.  This sums up my sentiments on the subject perfectly though.

Anywho, hope everyone is having a great week and sorry for this somewhat boring all texty post!! HAPPY WEDNESDAY!


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  1. Posted by wulan on April 22, 2010 at 12:10 am

    nice blog..



  2. hi! thx for your comment 🙂 isn’t it so exciting that it’s almost time for our weddings?! it only recently started feeling real when we started putting together our invitations!


  3. That is very exciting! I wish Tampa had cool stuff like that going on!


  4. i had no idea death at a funeral was a remake. and a remake of a young movie at that. odd.

    i’m envious of your film festival. if we have any around here, i have yet to hear about it.


  5. That’s so fun – I think we have a film fest, but I never hear about it!


  6. As a polisci major, that movie sounds really interesting!!


  7. I loved the original Death at a Funeral and the idea of a remake horrifies me.


  8. i’m totally unsettled about the remake. the original death at a funeral does not need to be remade.


  9. EEEEEEEE wedding dress! 🙂 ❤



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