I’m baaaack!

Yesterday was the last day of my reading diagnosis class and I am back in the swing of normal life, I can’t describe the giant sigh of relief I gave when I submitted the final attachment of my final project. Phew!!  Life is going to be busy these next two months gearing up towards our wedding, but I am so excited to share some of the fun details!  Life is flying by!!  Our invitations came (thanks, Anna!) and we took our engagement pictures last week, so there is awesomeness galore to post about.

I promise I will be back in the full swing of stalking and commenting on your blogs in the next few days.

Just to give you a peek at one of the things I’ve been up to, I’m super excited for my friend C, who just bought her first home!  She has an amazing condo and I’ll be the first to admit I’m a bit jealous… My friends E, A and myself got together with C and gave her a little housewarming gift last week, we had such a fun time hanging out, I can’t wait to have lots of girls’ nights at her new home.  Here is our housewarming giftbasket we made for her (including champagne flutes for the four of us 🙂 )

We love you, C!

Also, I have a random question, has anyone seen the movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? J and I were thinking of going to see it on date night, but I am not a fan of scary movies and wasn’t sure how scary the suspense in this was and can’t really tell from reviews online… let me know your thoughts if you’ve seen it!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


5 responses to this post.

  1. welcome back, busy bee!

    i haven’t seen that movie! it sounds like a weird movie!


  2. What a great friend you are. That’s a super housewarming gift!


  3. Welcome back lady!!


  4. Love them! They’d be my favorite too! They turned out fab


  5. sorry, that comment was for your engagement photos, but welcome back!


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