times are a changing

The end of the year is rushing towards me and I can hardly believe it!  Today was my students’ first day of End of Grade testing, with Math (Calculator Active) this morning, Reading tomorrow and Calculator Inactive Thursday morning.  I’ve mentioned before I am a special education teacher and love it.  Given this fact, I am particularly hopeful that lots of my students will pass their EOG’s, we have spent lots of time preparing them and helping them become better students this year. Keep your fingers crossed!

In addition to there being only FIFTEEN days of school left until summer break, as of yesterday, OUR WEDDING IS TWO MONTHS AWAY!  So hard to believe!! Most of my weekends between now and then are filled with other people’s weddings, showers, parties, etc.  It is going to be an amazing whirlwind!

I also have to give myself a pat on the back for not getting anything in the midst of a much buzzed about sale from anthro today.  My mantra of “honeymoon, delicious food, travel” continues.

What is new with you, muffins?  Any exciting summer vacations planned?

I’ll leave you today with a pretty I saw a while back on someone’s (?) blog, I bookmarked it and have been staring at ever since, the bell jar lamp from west elm:

so pretty. pick me!

Happy Tuesday!


4 responses to this post.

  1. you have so much going on! but these are good things! ay yi yi! i hope you are not too overwhelmed with it all!

    and this lamp is SO CUTE!


  2. two more months and you’ll be married?! holy cow!!! that’s coming up!


  3. Two months! So close! That’s exciting!


  4. This time is going to fly by. Enjoy it!!


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