patriotism! summer! weddings!

woooo, summer is here.  This summer’s activities kicked off this past weekend with my first bridal shower, which was lots of fun.  Between the shower and sending out my invitations yesterday, everything is becoming increasingly real.

This weekend though, we are heading to the Outer Banks for J’s cousin’s wedding.  We are staying for the whole weekend at a beach house in Nag’s Head and I am super duper excited!


And here is the house we are staying in:

I am taking off of work on Friday and we have off Monday, so I am excited for a super long weekend!!  Do you have any big Memorial weekend plans, muffins?


4 responses to this post.

  1. ooh that house is gorgeous!!! you’re going to have a blast. how fun!!!

    the only plans i have for this weekend is to watch SATC 2. can’t wait!


  2. Oh how fun! I’m in a wedding this weekend and looking forward to catching up with old friends! Hope you have a fabulous time!


  3. I love the Outer Banks! I’m so envious!


  4. What a fun place for a wedding!


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